Sonic Dude Ranch, LLC

Guitar and Amplifier Repair Services

The Sonic Dude Ranch, LLC - Designs, builds, modifies and repairs vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. We also perform guitar repairs ranging from electronics to fret work.  Other things happening at the ranch are solid state high voltage accessory circuits, designed specifically for tube amp modification and customization of new amplifiers, such as the Ripple Wrangler and Jack Boost II.

Amplifier and Electronic Repair

Minimum Bench Fee: $50 This fee covers inspection, tightening, cleaning pots, testing caps,  testing tubes and diagnosis of issues.

Hourly: $35


Guitar Repair

Minimum $25

Hourly $35


Minimums apply if diagnosis is made but work is not completed. 

No diagnosis no charge. 

Custom builds and design work

Custom work is based on a per case agreement. 


It is the goal of Sonic Dude Ranch to be practical, reasonable, efficient and effective. Music and art are important and we strive to make it more enjoyable for our customers through knowledge, experience and services. 

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