Sonic Dude Ranch, LLC

Guitar and Amplifier Repair Services

The Sonic Dude Ranch, LLC - Designs, builds, modifies and repairs vacuum tube guitar amplifiers. We also perform guitar repairs ranging from electronics to fret work.  Other things happening at the ranch are solid state high voltage accessory circuits, designed specifically for tube amp modification and customization of new amplifiers, such as the Ripple Wrangler and Jack Boost II.


We offer a wide range of repair services and some of them are listed below. Give us a call or email to discuss your particular needs.  Please leave a message if there is no answer since it does get loud around here.

Guitar Services

Fret Leveling, re-crowning, and a beautiful polish done right. 

Complete or partial fret replacement.

Complete setups for any type of guitar or bridge. Done to YOUR taste. 

Hand made nuts and saddles from bone. 

Tuner replacement. 

Pickup swaps. 

Control scheme changes. 

Strobe tuned intonation.

Neck and body swaps or complete builds.

Amplifier Services

Routine cleaning and inspections. 

ESR capacitor testing. 

Tube testing, replacement and biasing. 

Safety upgrades to vintage amplifiers. 

Circuit modifications for tonal changes. 

Effects loop installations. 

Booster stage installations. 

Power supply upgrades. 

Speaker swaps. 

Kit assembly or assistance.

Appropriate burials for the ones that need to be put down. (It is a tough reality for some of the weaker solid staters in the herd) 



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